Our Team

Here at The Railway Nursery we are absolutely committed to giving children the very best start. We always have high expectations of children and adults and we have a highly qualified and skilled team who understand how children learn best.

We understand the link between the quality of our provision and its impact on children’s learning and development. Our children are the future of our community and we are privileged to help shape their future.

Meet Our Team


Ceri Milton – Nursery Owner

Ceri has a degree and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and is a primary school teacher with a passion for sharing best practice and excellence in teaching. She has over 10 years experience in teaching and also enjoyed leading her school in Music and PE. She is a musician and plays the piano and guitar. Ceri has a positive approach and loves teaching as she finds it extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Her and Paul have 2 young sons (Monty and Bertie) Monty and Bertie now attend school in Bramhall. Ceri enjoys running, playing the guitar and mountain biking in her spare time.


Paul Milton – Nursery Owner

Paul is a qualified Early Years Teacher, has a Masters degree and a PGCE and worked as a property developer before The Railway Nursery project began. He was involved with the initial renovation project of the nursery building alongside our team of builders and is very proud of how our setting has developed with the pre-school extension now complete too.  Paul is the nursery Business Manager and is also responsible for maintaining the building, resources and gardens. He is willing to turn his hand to all requests! He loves outdoor pursuits, particularly walking up mountains with the family dog, Daisy. He has always enjoyed science and is a Radio 4 fan too!



Vikki Parr – Nursery Manager

Vikki has over 15 years experience in Early Years and is Level 5 qualified, having completed her foundation degree in Early Years Childhood Studies. Vikki is the Nursery Manager, she liaises closely with parents to ensure they feel safe and secure at all times when making the big decision to leave their baby at nursery for the first time. Vikki enjoys meeting new families and showing them around the nursery setting, answering any questions they may have. Vikki also supports staff with their individual training needs, sourcing good quality training for the team to ensure high standards of knowledge and understanding. She enjoys playing basketball, and has played at county level, and has been all over the world pursuing this interest.


Terri Moran – Deputy Manager

Terri is our Pre-School Leader and Deputy Manager. Terri is BTEC Level 3 qualified and has over 7 years experience working with children in early years settings. Terri has a particular interest in teaching pre-school children, igniting their curiosity and engaging them in their learning.  Terri enjoys spending time with the children exploring the outdoors. Terri makes good links with schools during the transition period, inviting teachers into our nursery setting to help the children and their families feel secure when taking on the next step in life at ‘big school’.


sarah massey

Sarah Massey – Nursery Cook

Sarah is our nursery chef. She has over 25 years experience in the catering industry. She has worked as a nursery chef for over 15 years. Sarah is passionate about working with fresh and exciting food produce and particularly enjoys pastry work. In her spare time Sarah enjoys going to the cinema and socialising with friends. Sarah has a son who is currently studying at university in Australia, Sarah hopes to visit Australia in the near future.


Nina Cassidy – Nursery Nurse

Nina is a highly experienced practitioner with over 8 years experience working in early years settings. Nina is level 3 qualified and works as a Nursery Nurse in our toddler room, she loves planning exciting activities for the children to explore – especially when it gets closer to Christmas! Nina and her husband have a little boy and Nina enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys socialising and trips abroad, especially to America, she is a big Disney fan! Nina loves being a Mummy to Finn and also has two cats who are a big part of their family, called Coco-pops and Sky. Nina works 2 days a week – Wednesday and Friday.


Niamh Rogers – Apprentice Nursery Nurse

Niamh joined The Railway Nursery Team in the summer of 2015, as our Apprentice Nursery Nurse. Niamh has completed her Level 2 childcare qualification is currently studying towards her Level 3 qualification at Cheadle and Marple college. She has a passion for working with children and enjoys seeing children learn and develop. Niamh has experience working in all of our rooms at The Railway Nursery, this has helped her gain practical experience whilst carrying out her studies at college.  Niamh works 4 days a week in our toddler room and spends 1 day a week studying at college.



Jeny Escobedo Zago – Nursery Assistant

Jeny is a Nursery Assistant. Jeny is originally from Mexico and has lived in Manchester for 4 years. Jeny has 2 children, Sofia and Daniel. Jeny has lots of experience working with children, you will often hear Jeny singing and dancing with the children which they love! Jeny speaks fluent Spanish and we hope she can teach us some new words. Jeny works full time in our pre school room, the children love to hear her speak Spanish and will use some of these Spanish words day to day.



Mary Parr – Relief Nursery Assistant

Mary is one of our relief staff members, she helps to cover staff holidays and staff training days. Mary has a wealth of experience looking after children, especially as she has 4 grown up children of her own, 10 nephews and 6 nieces. Mary is a qualified psychiatric nurse, but no longer practises since becoming a mother. Mary also has 2 granddaughters and a grandson who she loves spending time with. And if you haven’t guessed already, Mary is Vikki’s mum!

Julie Smith – Nursery Nurse

Julie is a friendly and very experienced member of our team. Throughout her career Julie has gained experience of working with children of all ages in both a nursery and school environment. Julie works in our pre school room on a Wednesday and Thursday, she loves creative activities and often researches new exciting ideas she can share with the children. Julie has 3 children who keep her busy at home and in her spare time she enjoys walking her dog, swimming and going to the cinema.



Debi McLean – Nursery Nurse

Debi has a BTEC Level 3 qualification and has worked with children for many years. Debi is very creative and enjoys all kinds of messy play with the children, you will often find Debi covered in craft materials!  In her spare time Debi enjoys a range of craft projects for friends and family and love to spend time with her nieces. Debi works in our busy Toddler room, she loves helping children explore new experiences. Debi is keen to develop her knowledge and has attended a variety of training courses.


IMG_6927 1

Georgia Pennells – Nursery Assistant

Georgia has worked with young children for several years and has experience in childminding and working in primary schools. She is a talented dancer and musician and has been responsible for large scale dance and music programs in school. Georgia enjoys creative activities with the children and they love her singing and dance sessions too! Georgia works full time in our pre school room, she has key person responsibility AND she is working towards her Level 3 NVQ in Early Years.


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Tasha Peacock – Nursery Nurse

Tasha has over 8 years of Early Years experience and is Level 3 Qualified. She loves getting messy with the children and organising trips for the children to the local parks and shops. Tasha works full time in our baby room, she enjoys meeting new families and making them feel welcome into the nursery. Tasha has great relationships with the children and their families. Tasha enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephew in her spare time, she also loves tapas food and enjoys finding  new restaurants to visit!



Victoria Maddock – Nursery Assistant

Victoria is full of fun and always has exciting activities planned for the children from the moment they walk into nursery. Previously, Victoria worked in care homes for the elderly, she was a senior member of the team with a lot of experience in caring and supporting people and their families. Victoria works in our baby room and enjoys getting to know the new babies and their individual routines. In her spare time Victoria is kept very busy with her lovely little boy who has recently started ‘big school’!



Charlotte Smith – Nursery Nurse

Charlotte used to be one of our relief staff members, she helped to cover staff holidays and staff training days. Since completing her university studies Charlotte is now a full time member of our staff team, working in our busy toddler room. Charlotte is level 3 qualified and has been working in childcare since 2014. Charlotte completed her BA Honours in Education Studies in 2018, she was very proud to achieve a 2:1. In her spare time Charlotte likes to dance, and she has been in performances to raise money for different charities.